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State Gazette, issue 81/10.10.2017
The Supreme Judicial Council approved Regulation for jurors, which regulates the terms and procedure for determining their number for each court, ethical rules of conduct and organizational issues related to their activities under the basic regulation in the Criminal Procedure Code. More->

State Gazette, issue 76/ September 19th, 2017
The latest amendments of the Environmental Protection Law aim fastening the large infrastructural projects through narrowing of the possibilities for abuse of law at the appellation of the ecological valuation before the court. More->

State Gazette, issue 62/August 1st, 2017
The latest amendments and additions in the Public Offering of Securities Act aims improving the security of the investitures when purchasing corporative obligations and encouraging the access of small and middle sized companies to the capital trade market. More->

State Gazette, issue 54/ July 5th, 2017
The serial amendments and additions of the Law on Road Traffic aim more effective control over the behavior of the drivers of motorcycle vehicles. More->

State Gazette, issue 49/June 20th, 2017
The Bulgarian National Bank aims strengthen supervision over the financial system with the changes of Regulation 16 from 2009 for licensing of the payment institutions, the companies for electronic money and the operators of payment systems. More->

State Gazette, issue 41/ May 23rd, 2017
The Council of Ministers passed changes at the Regulation for working time, breaks and leaves, adopted with Decree № 72 from 1986. More->

Law on Value Added Tax
A new regime for the security for deliveries of liquid fuels is introduced with the latest amendments in the Law on Value Added Tax (SG 60/02.08.2016). More->

Law on the Organization of the Black Sea Coast
Restrictions on the so called “wild camping” were introduced with the amendments to the Law on the Organization of the Black Sea Coast (OG 20/15.03.2015). More->

SG 42/3.06.2016 г.
Enhanced control over the issuers in order to decrease the risk for investors is provided with the amendments in the Law on Public Offering of Securities. More->

Tax-Insurance Procedure Code
The recent amendments in the TIPC (OG 94/4.12.2015) provide for an intensification of the liability for failure of execution of public obligations and implementation of the requirements under the agreement between Bulgaria and USA FATCA, requiring all foreign financial institutions to provide More->

Ordinance on implementing the Law on Promotion of Investments
The Council of Ministers approved with a decree (OG 88/13.11.2015) the amendments in the Ordinance on implementing the Law on Promotion of Investments (LPI) according to the European Regulations under Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. More->

The Public Procurement Act
The Public Procurement Act underwent, yet another, series of legislative amendments (OG 79/13.10.2015). More->

The council of ministers approved a decree of National program for energy efficiency of residential buildings, about the conditions and terms for granting gratuitous financial assistance under the program and appointing of the bodies responsible for the implementation. More->

The Council of Ministers adopts an Ordinance for the order and manner of issuance and review of permits for emission of greenhouse gasses from installations and for realizing monitoring by the operators of installations and the aviation operators, More->

The patent office is with new structural regulations which replace the structural regulations enter into force in the beginning of the year. The new structure of the Patent office provides an establishing of four directorates general administration and three directorates specialized administration. More->

Decree- Council of Ministers
The Council of Ministers enacts a decree for constitution of a council, named “Energy board”. More->

Ordinance- Bulgarian National bank
Bulgarian National bank amends enacted by it under the Credit institutions act Ordinance for supplement and amendment of financial institutions. More->

New ordinance № 5 from July 31, 2014 for constructions in the forest territories without changing of their designation enacted Ministry of agriculture and food and Ministry of regional development. More->

Cadastre and Property Register Amendment Act – “State Gazette”, 49/13.06.2014

Improvement of legal framework, concerning the implementation of activities for creating, approving and maintaining the cadastral map and the cadastral registers, easier ways of servicing natural and legal persons with data from the cadastre, protection against bureaucratization of the process and application of corrupt practices. More->

The recent amendments of the Penal Code transpose the Directive 2009/52/ЕC of the European Parliament and the Council of 18.06.2009 providing on minimum standards on sanctions and measures against employers of illegally staying third-country nationals. More->

Two new chapters have been introduces into the Commercial Navigation Code – regulating the responsibility of the ship owners for damages caused by pollution with ship fuel as well as the insurance of the ship owner for maritime claims. More->

Series of amendments of the Labour Code have been enacted to regulate the personnel leasing (work through an undertaking which provides temporary employment), the working from home as well as the working from distance using information technologies. More->

The new Gambling Act entering into force in the end of June 2012 will introduce for the first time in Bulgaria a regulation of the gambling from a distance performed through telecommunication equipment, whereby the participants gamble directly through internet or other electronic communication means. More->

An article regarding the enterprise liability in insolvency proceedings in Bulgaria written by the Managing Partner of Varadinov and Partners Javor Varadinov and the associates in Varadinov and Partners Yanislava Chankova–Docheva and Zoya Zlatkova has been published in The European Lawyer Reference, Multinational Enterprise Liability in Insolvency Proceedings, Jurisdictional comparisons, Second edition 2010, General Editor J. William Boon.

An article regarding the Bulgarian Employment and Labour Law written by the the associates in Varadinov and Partners Yanislava Chankova–Docheva and Yulia Vesselinova has been published in The European Lawyer Reference, Employment and Labour Law, Jurisdictional comparisons, Third edition 2010, General Editor Dame Janet Gaymer.

With the latest amendments of the Electronic Communications Act the number of the Regulation of Communications Commission’s members has been decreased from 9 to 5 and the duration of their mandate has been decreased from 6 to 5 years. These amendments are part of a program for optimizing the public administration expenditures announced by the legislative and executive authority.

A number of important amendments have been introduced in the Design Act. The state register of industrial design shall be published on the internet site of the Patent office as of the date 11th February 2011. More->

Limits in the amount of the managers’s remunerations in trade companies with state participation in the capital have been provided as of the date April 1st, 2010. The total amount of the remuneration of the members of the board of directors, More->

With the amendments of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act adopted in April, 2010 the procedures for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization, release of Bulgarian citizenship and restoration of Bulgarian citizenship have been supplemented. More->

On 19th of May 2010 the National Assembly has ratified the Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Federal Republic of Germany on avoiding double taxation and tax evasion of income and property taxes, signed on 25th of January 2010 in Berlin.

The associate in Varadino&Co law office Lyubomir Talev will speak at the Sixteenth Competition Law Scholars Forum (”CLaSF”) Workshop dedicated to the Leniency: Effectiveness and Due Process to be held in London on 2nd of September, 2010. The subject of Lyubomir’s presentation will be ”What Threats do exist for the Successful Operation of the EU Leniency Notice”.